Pineapple Juice and Tooth Extractions: Does It Actually Help?

Maybe you have heard about drinking pineapple juice after having a tooth extraction in Margate and you’re thinking how that can help, or in what way are they connected? Is it a myth, is there any truth in this statement?

To answer this question is more than just a Yes or No answer. There are a few nuances to this concept, and it can be helpful to understand and inform yourself properly before taking this remedy too seriously and start drinking too much pineapple juice.

The Link Between Pineapple Juice and Tooth Extractions

Yes, to some degree pineapple juice can help during the healing process after you've had a tooth extraction, but it's important to understand why and how it can be helpful. 

What happens here is that pineapple juice has the potential to reduce swelling due to an enzyme that can be found naturally in the pineapple. This enzyme is called Bromelain. 

When this enzyme enters the body, it activates its natural ability to fight and reduce swelling. What this means is that it's not the pineapple itself, but this enzyme that has this effect on the body. 

In the studies that have been conducted to show how bromelain can help reduce swelling, the participants took this enzyme; they didn't eat just pineapple. They also took antibiotics, so the results are not focused on the pineapple itself. 

Is Drinking Pineapple Juice Actually Helpful for Tooth Extractions?

When it comes to home remedies, it's important to be aware of all the factors. 

How much pineapple juice would you actually need to drink for the enzyme to have an effect on your body? Probably enough for you to start experiencing side effects after drinking it. 

Of course, you also have to take into account that pineapple juice has a lot of sugar, and this can be counterproductive and actually affect your oral health. 

Not only would you have to drink too much of it, but the sugars found in this juice can have a negative effect, especially for people that have diabetes or any blood unbalances. 

With this information in mind, having pineapple juice when you have a tooth extraction can be helpful to some extent. But the chances to actually feel the effect of Bromelain by drinking the juice are very slim.

Alternatives to Drinking Pineapple Juice

Instead of overdosing on pineapple juice, talk to your dentist about what you can do to ease the symptoms you might experience after tooth extraction. 

Your dentist in Margate, FL will be able to guide you and recommend something that will be more helpful, effective and you would not have to bloat yourself with it. 

At Lifestyle Dental Care, we always strive to offer solutions based on your exact needs. We will make sure you will feel comfortable with us throughout your visit.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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