I Take Care of My Oral Health, Why Does My Breath Stink?

So you’re doing everything you can to stay on top of your oral hygiene: you brush two times a day, floss, use the right tools and products.

And yet, your breath still smells bad. Why is that?

Halitosis (bad breath) can actually be caused by a lot of different things, not just bad oral hygiene. Check out this list below to find out why you may be dealing with bad breath even though you take care of your oral health:

1. Morning Breath

It’s very common for people to experience bad breath right after they wake up. Saliva production drops during sleep and bacteria found in your mouth multiply, leading to an unpleasant smell.

But, morning breath is nothing to worry about. If the smell goes away right after you brush your teeth, then your oral health is perfectly fine.

2. Something You Ate

Foods can cause bad breath as well. For example, eating garlic is known for causing unpleasant breath, and the smell may not go away even after brushing your teeth.

However, this is temporary. The smell should be gone by the time your stomach finishes digesting the food contents.

3. Tooth Infection

A tooth infection can cause bad smells in the mouth. Unfortunately, infections can develop even if you have good oral hygiene habits. If one of your teeth chips or cracks without you realizing, it allows bacteria from the mouth to get inside the tooth and wreak havoc.

Bad breath is not the only sign of a tooth infection, as you may also be experiencing:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Abscess forming right above or below the tooth
  • Tooth discoloration

4. Gum Disease

Gum disease happens as a result of plaque and tartar. Bacteria from the mouth can accumulate on your teeth just under the gum line, and over time it starts attacking the gum tissue.

Good oral hygiene can reduce the risk of gum disease tremendously, but it may not be enough. Even with a good technique and the proper tools and products, it may still be difficult to remove all food debris and bacteria from your mouth. To reduce the risk even more, you may need to get a professional dental cleaning.

5. Dry Mouth

Saliva is the unsung hero of dental health, as it flushes away a lot of unwanted bacteria and food particles. If you are experiencing dry mouth, meaning your saliva production is affected, it can create foul odors in the mouth.

Experiencing Halitosis? We Can Help

If you’re dealing with persistent bad breath, Dr. Philippe Jean can see you for a consultation and find out why this is happening. Based on his assessment, you can find the appropriate treatment plan that will restore your dental health.

To get started, please book an appointment at Lifestyle Dental Care online, or call us at (954) 669-1313. 

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